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We make it possible for mobile law enforcement agency personnel to query State, NLETS and NCIC information.  They can interact with each other in controlled chat rooms and one-on-one instant messaging.  Personnel on foot patrols, bikes, segways, boats, etc. that are not served by wireless data technology today are becoming new subscribers due to the low cost of entry and the value delivered through access to the Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS).   The iPatrol app is compliant with CJIS Security Policy v5.1 ( re: FIPS 140-2 Encryption, Multi-Factor Authentication).

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AVAILABLE ON Apple iOS & Android


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iPatrolTM is a secured wireless application developed for the requirements and use of government law enforcement personnel.  It is hosted at a Network Operation Center so that provisioning a certified Agency can be performed in days.  Operations and support of the network is provided by LEWV.  To gain access to LEWV, a user must have certified CJIS training and a smart phone or computer approved for use by LEWV.

The convergence of computers and phones has created new economics that enable new mobile law enforcement personnel access to real time data communications and confidential information.  Even those advanced law enforcement Agencies that today utilize laptops will migrate to Smart Phones and Touch Screen Tablets because of the high cost associated with replacing their existing laptop equipment.  The Law Enforcement Wireless Village (LEWV) was created to provide a quick, effective and economic transition into this new generation of wireless data mobility. 


Supported Smart Phones

iPatrolTM supports :   Apple iOS (Version 5.1 and higher), Android Operating Systems (Version 2.2 or higher) and Windows 7.

Specific Smart Phones Approved:  Apple iPhone (4, 4s, 5), Apple iPad, Apple iPod

Motorola ( Droid2, X, X2, RAZR, XOOM ), Samsung ( Galaxy Tab, Captivate S, Charge ), HTC ( EVO, Incredible, Invincible ), LG (Revolution)

Future Support:  Blackberry QNX